Halloween For Kids Made More Fun With Homemade Candies in Special Candy Boxes

Nothing seems to be more exciting and whimsical to children than spending time outside on Halloween, trick or treating. The spooky day is meant to indulge the kids’ love for fun and scary, but what can make the entire experience more enjoyable is for parents to make their children homemade candies. The holiday is special enough for the children but homemade candy wrapped inside candy boxes will surely put a terrifyingly fun smile in the faces of their children.

Fortunately, parents don’t have to have a lot of skills or cooking talent to make these sweet treats. Even the parents who are new to candy making can try out some simple tips to get them started to such sugary treats. Here are some of the most popular tips and ideas on how to make them:

Before making these candies, it’s important to make sure that the materials in making them are available. It’s important to get the right thermometer to measure the heating process of the candy. A candy thermometer should always correspond to the cold water test that’s normally used for sugar syrup. A good cookbook to learn the entire process of candy making is Sue’s Candy Kettle and Some of Her Success Secrets, which is a famous cookbook from 1951, and is being used for candy makers still today.

In making the candy, it should start by filling a whole cup or a wide bowl with cold water. The next step would be to drop in about a half teaspoon of the candy syrup that was just recently boiled. The next step would then be to form the syrup into a ball right directly under the water. Then the consistency of the ball formed under the water should then be observed if it is in the right consistency.

There are different kinds of candy depending on the kind of ball formed under the water. If it’s a soft ball, the syrup would be formed into a tiny ball but would lose its shape when it is removed off the water. The desired consistency for fudges and fondant would be 234-240 degrees F, depending on standard normal conditions. If what is desired is a higher altitude then one should add about 22-23 degrees to the temp of the boiling water.

If what’s desired is a firm ball, the syrup should form into a ball a several seconds after it is removed from the water, which would then flatten out. The consistency needed for caramels would be 240-245 degrees F under standard room conditions. When the maker wants higher altitudes, then one should just add 28-33 degrees F to the temp of the boiling water needed. If the desired ball would be crack, the syrup should easily separate when it hits the water; it’s also difficult to form this kind of syrup into a ball.

There are many candy recipes that one can use these candy forms, but some of the best homemade candy recipes would be sour lemon drops, sour orange drops and rock candy. Sour lemon drops are fun for kids, because they’re just tangy enough for them to make them want to have more of them. They’re also tart and sweet, which is always a delightful mix for kids. Sour orange drops are also fun and addciting to make, and food coloring would only be optional.


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